In the event of inclement weather, either during or leading up to a tournament, Mohawk Sports Complex staff will evaluate field conditions for playability. It is the goal of Tulsa Sports Commission/Mohawk Sports Complex to determine when to stop or cancel games due to unsafe field conditions or when play would be detrimental to field quality. 

Safety is paramount and the utmost importance to the Tulsa Sports Commission and Mohawk Sports Complex. Lightning and other severe weather is a hazard that must be viewed seriously. The Mohawk Sports Complex uses the WeatherBug and Earth Networks forecast weather system to monitor changing and potentially dangerous weather conditions. If there is severe weather and/or lightning in the area of the complex, it will be by the determination of the Mohawk Sports Complex staff and the tournament director to suspend play.

In the case of lightning, there will be a 30 minute delay in play each time lightning strikes within a 10 mile radius of the complex. This includes in-cloud and cloud to ground strikes.

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